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Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for growth and development and also for body functions and health maintenance in all phases of life. The body cannot «build» these fats by itself, so that it is necessary to take these regularly as an additive to nourishment. Omega 3 fats are not present in sufficient amounts in the populace! For this reason, the fat intake, i.e. the selection and amount of the fats and oils consumed with daily nourishment, are absolutely decisive.

Researchers recommend a daily intake of at least 1 – 1.33g Omega 3 fats.

A genuine alternative is therefore VitaÖl® with its particularly high content of Omega 3 fatty acids. The fine butter-like flavour of VitaÖl® also conveys a taste to foods “as though they were prepared with butter.”

For pastries, substitute VitaÖl® for butter/margarine!

Butter/Margarine equivalents in VitaÖl®

Butter VitaÖl® Butter VitaÖl®
20 g 10ml (9g) 20 g 15 ml (14g)
30 g 15ml {14g) 30 g 23 ml (21 g)
40 g 20ml {18g) 40 g 30 ml (28 g)
50 g 25ml (23g) 50 g 38 ml (34 g)