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VitaÖl® is suitable for hot and cold cuisine

“Cooking with love is food for the soul. “

… For frying

Meat, fish or potatoes simply taste better when fried in VitaÖl®! And this saves up to 75 % fat compared with butter or margarine. Because VitaÖl® contains no milk or water constituents and is also extremely economical.

… For sauces

For sauces, e.g. of Béarnaise or Hollandaise type, VitaÖl® is the ideal fat basis. Prepare the sauce as usual, but use VitaÖl® instead of butter or margarine. Just heat the VitaÖl® and then add. This saves time-consuming melting and separating. There’s  no danger that your sauce will curdle!

Dose: 45 ml VitaÖl® per egg yolk.

… For steamed vegetables

Trickle VitaÖl® over the vegetable before serving. This not only gives your vegetable a particularly appetising appearance, but also reinforces the taste of the herbs and spices added. The VitaÖl® fat film adheres optimally. No «fat lakes» form under the vegetable.

… For pasta dishes

Just a little VitaÖl® over the drained pasta and your meal already looks like it has been tossed in butter! However, the fine VitaÖl® fatty film  does not melt away; it forms an excellent base for adding spices and sauces. Your pasta simply tastes better.