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The smoke point is the lowest temperature at which clearly visible smoke evolution begins above a heated oil or fat.

Contrary to the definite instructions for pre-heating the pan or fat in many recipes, for health reasons fats and oils may not be heated to the point at which smoke develops, as this can set acrolein free. The smoke point of a fat depends primarily on the fraction of free fatty acids: the larger this fraction, the lower the smoke point. A fat or oil that has already been heated several times (e.g. for frying) has a higher content of free fatty acids than a «fresh» one. As a rule, native oils have a higher content of free fatty acids than refined oils.

ProductSmoke point °C
Peanut oil (refined = hot-pressed)230
Peanut oil (unrefined = cold-pressed)170
Palm kernel fat220
Coconut fat185-205
Clarified butter200-205
Butterapp. 175
Most refined oils> 200
Cold-pressed rapeseed oil130–190
Cold-pressed olive oil130-180
Soya oil213
Sunflower oil (refined)210-225
Sunflower oil (unrefined)107
Sesame seed oil (unrefined)177
Mustard seed oil254
Thistle oil150
Walnut oil (unrefined)160